Waco, Texas

Walk Start

The walk started at the Suspension Bridge in Indian Springs Park, Waco, Texas.  We had separate registration for the Habitat Fund Raising Walkers and the Volksmarchers.


We had an abundance of fruit and free water chilling in a tub of ice.


Our workers standing around waiting for some "customers".

Ckpt #1

Checkpoint #1 along the Brazos River Walk was manned by Jan and Karl.


Our first three "customers".

Chkpt #2

This is the view from Checkpoint #2 which I was working with Arlene.  These two ladies from Tyler and Longview where the first to arrive at our checkpoint.


The walk route looped around our checkpoint.  These walkers are on their way back in.

Arlene chatting with friends getting water at our checkpoint.

These guys are not volksmarchers, but I hope they enjoyed the walk so much they come to other events.

Birthday Girl

The third lady from the left was celebrating her 69th birthday by doing this walk.  She has been on the Habitat Board of Directors for eight years.

Arlene talking to a group from Tarrant County Walkers.  We got great support from the Metroplex due in part to the Tarrant County Walkers 20th Anniversary Patch.  Thanks to everyone who came.


TC Chief Rabbit and Foxey saying "Howdy" to Brazos Bull and Precious.  The Waco mascots went home with Anna.  She will be taking them to Convention with her where they will help greet visitors to the TVA booth.

Club Members

Two of our club members stopped to rest and chat awhile. I was trying to convince them that one of them should run for club secretary in June.

These are some more of our supporters from the Metroplex. They were the last group to come through.


We didn't have many walkers partake of our soda water offerings, but a lot of curious onlookers and tourists visiting the suspension bridge took advange of it.  Thanks to Big Red for this donation.

The Finish

The finish workers socializing.  All that is left to do is pack it all up.

tired walkers

Walkers resting before heading home.

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This event was hosted by the Chisholm Trail Blazer's Volkssporting Club in Waco, TX. This club was disbanded and no longer exists. The closest club to Waco is the Trotting Texas Turtles Volkssport Club in Killeen. They host the YRE walking event in Waco.