Sulphur Springs Park

We were in Sulphur Springs for a volksmarch and passed this lovely park. It was very near the start so we didn't stop while on the walk. We promised Lenore she could come back and play in it after we finished our event.

We loved this castle design on the park.
We came back, armed with our camera, and visited
the park to play and take pictures.

This swing was under the main deck and
Lenore really liked it.

I tried to walk on this, luckily I had the camera!
Lenore had to show me how it was done.

Carol could do it too. It's not
as easy as it looks.

A pretend motorcycle was
a good photo oportunity.

The dragon slide at the front entrance.

The park was a lot of fun, but after walking we were ready to rest so we didn't stay very long.

The next day the event was at Cooper Lake State Park. I have added 2001 pictures to the front of the webpage, but Lenore didn't walk with us this year. Pictures from the year she walked are at the bottom of the webpage.

Cooper Lake State Park Events