This was Lenore's first event where she walked every step of the way. Lenore will soon be 5 years old.  She has done many events, in a Huffy big wheel stroller, and carried.  She is Carol's grandbaby

For this event she brought along her daycare's mascot  Mr. Flattail (he is a beaver).  This was his first ever volksmarch.  He spent most of it in a backpack.  

Brazos Bull was also doing this event.  He is the Chisholm Trail Blazers mascot and has already completed 15 events.

Waiting to Start

Waiting to Start

On our Way

And we're off

1K Down, 9 to Go

One Km down, Nine to go

Going downhill

Through the wood

Around a curve in the trail and Lenore has taken the lead

Through some deadfall

Across a small creek

A convenient place for removing rocks from shoes

A much needed rest on the return trip uphill

One tired little girl dragging Mr. Flattail by his tail.

It took us 4 hours to complete this walk.